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Report Warren Caylor Valentine Seance Gilbert Sanctuary Portsmouth February 15th 2013

What can one say.After a three and a half hour journey to commit to sit in seance for, and with spirit.Our medium arrives with Lucy and two babies in a relaxed calm peaceful way…..not many could I fancy
I don’t think we as a group of sitters, that dedicated ourselves to the promotion of physical mediumship and associated phenomina this evening, thought, that there could be a greater set of wonders by our spirit friends than at Xmas Tree Séance with Warren Caylor.We know that development never stops, but the powered energy in the séance room this evening was quite amazing, and the phenomina More frequent more varies more evidential

Sitters are always screened before invited to a seance her indeed any professional venue, and a disclaimer given due to the dangers of the work of the ectoplasmic medium.Having had a talk by the medium for appropriate sitter behaviour for the mediums safety.All seats are allocate and named befor a sit, and the medium may rearrange these on linking with spirit and awareness of sitters energies…
A selected person checks the séance room,before the seance, and the medium makes his way to the cabinet.The same person is also selected as one of the peeps to police cable tie, and gag warren our medium..a pillow case is placed over his head,light bulbs removed and all hazards to the medium excluded,The wire cutters for removing the cables, are kept in possession of the person who tied the medium in only!!, and will be cutting him out at the end of the seance.

Warren needs to try and talk with the gag in, as last minute thoughts ensue. This to me is even more evidence of how its impossible for medium to speak with such a tight gag in place
A group o f twelve sitters begin a journey of wonder as we sit as friends With our fellows across the veil on the other side of life

This is a small private purpose built séance room in my home, hallowed and kept for pure physical mediumship and associated phenomina….IT IS SPIRITS HOME!!!
Noone could move around without all knowing, also the floor creeks which would be another give away…..the numerous toys on the floor and séance equipment I give to spirit would not enable a person to scout the sanctuary without CHAOS ((:-

After devine prayer we begin, and for the first time here Spirit Tom asks the red light to be left on and the curtains to remain open, as we proceed to engage in transfiguration with our dear spirit friends for a 20 minute period…I ask about the pillow case over the mediums head TOM PROCEEDS TO REMOVE IT AND PUT IT ONTO MY LAP (:-.Although no relatives or named persons were observed much energy changing and spiritual visitors were welcomed, the spirit eyes and facial changes were many.
When we complete this experiment on Toms instructions, he asks how all proceeded. We are then instructed to check the cable ties are still in place in red light, and then to turn out the red light, and close the curtains
Spirit cotrols the music levels always at a professional seance, and consumption, and the choice of same is that chosen by the nedium for their ease at reaching that altered state

Spirit Tom touches my knee a soft warm little hand, and allows me for a moment to touch his!!! Again warm soft human little hand.One only touches then if given permission.He then taps on the table and asks us all to hold hands…
The table for the first time of many begins to rise to the ceiling, also rocking to and fro and tipping upside down. As gently placed down Tom proceeds to ring our two séance room bells, shook the tambourine, and finds the bodrum drum next outside of the cabinet, which he takes into the cabinet, after playing this, he hands it to me ((:-
Our fluorescent string hanging from the ceiling has a weight in place on it, and begins to swing up onto the ceiling as if a soul was taking its weight, then it spins as fast as one can imagine…Two lovely spirit eyes were seen overseeing at the ceiling at this time…
Spirits metal trumpet begins to lift and twist and elevate,visiting several sitters, so gentle and exact as to where this object was placed.
Lovely Yellow Feather now visits and speaks in native tongue..He tells us there is so much light in the sanctuary here.This soul speaks to many of us.Tells us again how spirit are only people much like Stewart Alexanders Walter told me the same at a seance sit.The audio link to follow reflects much wisdom….

Lovely to hear what we know….but….that warren and lucys babies are so gifted already.He tells us he talks to LINCOLN, and that LINCOLN sees him, he is 2 years old
He goes on to say that Warren can see all of this when it happens also.He thanks us for our dedication….

As Freddie Mercury begins to play…..I find a very powerful vibration in this séance room… (we use this in our own home circle as many do)WOW off we go again the table levitates and rocks to the musics rythmn, as it is placed down, the trumpet is used as a drum stick on the table then rises and it spins at the speed of light….thats the only way I can describe it…..
LUTHERS powerful loving voice now speaks to us so lovely to welcome this larger than life Nubian soul again…he greets all then goes into what Tom calls a spiritual trap door for a mo ((:-
Trumpet lifts again and gently caresses my knee
Yellow feather asks for the fluorescent plaque and places it on the table a gauze is placed over it for a mo, then removed when a small hand is seen to cover the plaque.. little toms hand, total view of all fingers, all can see this here as it is a smallsacred room. Tom lifts the plaque at an angle so all can see.temperature changes are immense, as are the changing smells tonight, especially the smell of burning wood sensed by many of us…
Tom decides to take the CD player into the cabinet opens it up and stops the music, all of which I feel and hear as I am bang on the cabinet,he says he wants us to sing instead, and raps his fingers whilst he thinks what he wishes us to sing… so when he decides our song.we sing to his displeasure HA HA.The Cd player is returned and great care taken not to recommence with the first track….which would bring the medium out of deep trance or altered state as I prefer to call it
Amazing tug at my hair begins as he tries to remove the banana clip holding my hair up….so gentle is he, then he says ‘ah that’s a woman thing better had leave it alone’Su(:-
Tanya Claire and Stewart were invited up to the cabinet to place hands on the table whence they were touched by toms warm soft human hand., after stews turn ..the table rocks again and rises to a great height
Brad also next to the cabinet feels Toms hand thro the cabinet curtains this time stroking his leg and arm.
The large cushion under Warren in our heavy séance chair was removed and placed on Claires lap……amazing….Warren is a large fellow and the cushion a huge purpose made item from a purpose made seance chair, as can be seen in the picture.Thry seem to rather like doing this..
Tom finds the bubble paper and the skipping rope I had placed under the séance chair, and plays with them, bursting the aspects on the bubble paper….


8 months ago here Tom tells us in a year we would see here the ectoplasmic rods used to enable phenomina in the seance room, several of us saw long streaks of light around the room as lightening, which we feel is exactly this…

Table and trumpet levitate again withh great speed and accuracy to harm noone….
A very quiet gentle soul visits us, so needs the help of voice vibration also, to come through, as I talk to her she tells us Terri is a very Pure soul, she had identified her first by the clour of her top then she got her name. So often spirit come throught for the first time and need help, they are not always here to give phiilosphy or messages..
We are often here in this sanctuary to help them experience trancing a medium 50 / 50, we are told we are teaching them,with time they will teach us…this is priceless to me give and take in equal balance

The cardboard trumpet is now asked for and levuates to the ceiling around the room…again at the speed of light so so so fast.
Winston Churchill who always visits, was here for a very short time, giving us praise for the spiritual growth we were endeavouring to pursue….very cultured dignified voice
SITTING BULL males a short visit and gives us a sacred chant

Several sitters were given some advice, guidance and support, in their lives, in a loving caring way, throughout the seance, by different spirit friends.
Tom proceeds to play the recorder, blow on the whistle, and bangMy Australian clapsticks onto the table. No item did he miss having a moment withhis sanctuary, Says he loves it hereits full of love fun and happy people….what a lovely thing….

Yellow feather then demonstrates his voice outside of the cabinet as he projects it to Claire opposite to me and then over to me. Right To left wonderful….
Tom tells us what he will do as a finale, and that he has found the rope I had also put under the seance chair.He was to take the rope and place it through Warrens cable we needphysical evidence!!!says he will do something else in fact , he took the skipping rope and tied it to the hoola hoop at the back of the cabinet bringing it outside..again as seen in the picture.
Most interesting at the end as Tom always confident and in control became concerned that he couldn’t find Warren !! he meant warrens ethereal self.We thought he was joking, but he wasn’t. He said they had run into a bit pf a prob…As the veil is so much thinner Tom says….and Warren is so often over the other side especially in sleep hours.. He says he spends too much time over there(((:

‘Ooh found him says Tom’ and a huge thud ensues….

Before we close in prayer and place gentle retrieving music on… a sitter is asked to check the cable ties again…
Wonderful stuff
The essence of love, fun. respect.and amazing phenomina and for me all wound up in evidential processes…..dominated this evening.Noone can report on the emotions, the energy ones feels in the genuine prescence of spirit, that isd a personal journey for us all.

This man is the real deal….and although he said it was the conducive environment and the harmony of the sitters that enebled this I believe very much it is his developingmediumship. As all said.. it was fab here at Xmas, they never thought that could be topped, but in two months it has. We have never doubted this here and nor has his spirit team.
He has as with other physical mediums sat here 6 times now…
As I have always said if a person is truly in ‘THE P.M. MOVEMENT’ to sit with these mediums is about ‘SUPPORT’ not just for self excitement and messages!!!!
And so it begins the future holds much much further amazing developments in this medium in my opinion, as Yellow Feather told us also.
I am sure the others who sat here tonight, beginning to join this site will contribute their wonderful personal experiences also.Other souls visited us through direct voice also, but they will all be on the audio when it is edited and I can upload it…..
Thanks to Warren Caylor and his spirit team, and to Lucy for minding the babies whilst dad was in the cabinet in spirit land(((;-
Su Filer.

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