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Warren Caylor Physical Mediumship and Associated Phenomina séance at Gilbert Sanctuary Portsmouth December 14th 2012

Thanks to Jon a first time sitter for his words on seance here at Gilberts

On the evening of 14th December 2012 ten sitters gathered at Gilbert’s Sanctuary Portsmouth for a seance with physical medium, Warren Caylor

The medium was securely bound by two male sitters – both his hands with police restraints to the chair’s armholes, his feet tied together,with rope a gag put in his mouth and a pillowcase over his head. The cabinet curtains were drawn and then the red light switched off.

There was a small table with glow-in-the-dark fluorescent strips and a trumpet in the middle of the room and a few wrapped presents in front of the cabinet.

Various music tracks were played. The first spirit to announce his arrival was a small boy – Tom. He was followed by a Red Indian Guide, Yellow Feather (who reassured the sitters that the world was not going to end on the 21st December due to the fact the Mayans got their maths wrong), and Luther – a deep voiced Nubian, Winston Churchill…again telling us another pyramid will be found in the near future.. Gordon Higginson visited – a deceased famous physical medium from the past.
At one point all three Tom, Luther, and Yellow Feather were talking to each other in a fast banter….

During these visits, the trumpet flew around the room as did the table in inexplicable fashion.

Tom’s small hand materialized and a female sitter was asked to stand and said she clearly felt her hair and back touched by a spirit.
Su was allowed to touch the small finger on the materialised hand of Tom placed on her knee a small warm soild form….
Tom found the paint brush and bubble wrap under the séance chair and questioned its point!!! Ha ha…

It is important to state that the room was so small that it would have been impossible for Warren, who is of sizable stature, to have moved between the sitters without them noticing his presence – even in the dark. Quite apart from the fact that Warren was tied-up to the chair.
Spirit removed the large cushion placed under warren in the seance chair onto the table which concealed the fluorescent strips….

There were many loud raps and bangs throughout.Huge breezes….

The xmas presents were heard to be unwrapped. Some contained musical toys that were played to the background music tracks.
Drums, clap sticks, and recorder were a favourite…..

Also a box, hostess Su had concealed in the room, was found and opened. It contained a toy she had specified the description of to one other only….

Luther announced he was coming out the cabinet and his voice certainly appeared to come from different parts of the room – including high up by the ceiling.

At the end, Luther announced that as Tom has said!!All would be put into place now… the ties from the medium would be released one arm matter through matter… and when the light was switched back on the sitters all saw one tie had been used to tie the two curtains together.The rope that had tied Warren’s legs had been removed, despite the many knots, and left neatly tied round the box which had contained the toy. Warren’s top had been partially removed.And a large hoola hoop at the back of the cabinet had been put around warren from the back of the neck over the chair arms to below his abdomen…

All in all, it was a thoroughly evidential and great sitting and will long be remembered and marvelled at by those lucky enough to have witnessed it.
Thanks Su for the opportunity to sit and experience this amazing event……
Jon Rolls…Christchurch…. U.K.

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