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Robin Foy’s Exclusive Article number 2

An Apport was the very first definite and sustained phenomena that we received during the Scole Experiment (with the exception of some basic movements of our group’s trumpet on two previous occasions).
I should, perhaps, explain that Apports are objects which are not present in a séance room at the beginning of an Experimental Session, but which are brought into the room (to materialise in solid form from elsewhere) during the séance itself. They generally take the form of (usually) small gifts from Guides or the Spirit Team of the Medium or Experimental Group organising the demonstration of phenomena. On a number of occasions, we were present when Apports were brought for guests and visitors to the Scole Experimental Group. The word ‘Apport’ comes from the French verb ‘Apporter’, which means ‘to bring’.
Importantly, we are told that these Apports are never stolen! Apparently (according to the Scole Spirit Team), they are usually objects that have been lost; discarded; or which have once belonged to the spirit personalities themselves during their lifetimes.
The opposite term to ‘Apport’ is ‘Asport’. An ‘Asport’ is an object which WAS in the séance room at the start of an Experimental Session, but which disappears from the room during the session to eventually (hopefully) appear again somewhere else.
Our first Apport at Scole was brought to us during our experimental session on October 4th 1993. Because of illness, there were only three of us present (at this time the Scole group normally had 7 members sitting). Through one of the two mediums (both of whom were entranced), we were told that we were to receive an Apport – which would represent the sign of ‘Greater Things To Come’. Shortly afterwards, there was a significant ‘thud’ heard on the central table within the group. Naturally, when the session finished, everyone was desperate to see what we had received. We discovered (when the light was put on) that the object was a coin – an English ‘Churchill Crown’. This was significant, since Sandra and I had, for many years, enjoyed frequent independent voice and trance communications from ‘Winnie’, who – even today – regularly takes every possible opportunity to communicate with us.
A month later, on November 1st 1993, the whole Scole Experimental Group (seven of us) were present. our Guide ‘Manu’ announced that he was going to try and bring us a selection of Apports – seven in total. Shortly afterwards – one at a time – seven ‘thumps’ were duly heard on the central table. At the end of the session, we discovered that there were indeed seven objects sitting on the table that had not been present before the session. The ‘Scole Group was made up of four ladies and three men. Of the Apports we had received – three were more suited to gentlemen, and the other four were more suited to ladies. These Apports were: 1) A silver thimble. 2&3) Two silver lockets 4) A silver chain bracelet 5) An ornate miniature spoon, with spiral metal handle; decorated bowl and a French inscription on its reverse side. 6) A lucky St. Christopher medallion. 7) This is my own particular favourite – a small gold ‘coin’ or ‘medallion’ with hieroglyphics – which I believed might have originated in South America. However, when I showed photographs of this to the British Museum, I was told that it actually came from Turkey, and might have represented a wedding present to a Turkish bride on her wedding day.
There were seven more Apports brought by our loving Scole Spirit Team on January 3rd 1994. This time we had: 1) An ancient whalebone spoon. 2) A mother-of-pearl necklace. 3) A small carved ivory cocktail stick. 4) A pearl and leaf brooch. 5) A marcasite necklace. 6) A combined silver anchor, cross and heart charm inscribed ‘Faith, Hope and Charity’. 7) A silver St. Bernadette medallion, inscribed ‘Kara’. Once again, three of these were more suitable for the three gentlemen in the group, with the other four more suitable for the ladies. They had obviously been carefully chosen by the members of the Spirit Team who brought them. Just like the previous seven Apports, they arrived separately during our experimental session; each of them (no matter how small and light) being announced in the darkness by a loud ‘thump’ on the central table.
Our initial ‘haul’ of Apports came to an end with yet another seven Apports on St. Valentines day – February 14th 1994. They consisted of: 1) A lady’s handkerchief with the initial ‘H’ (we later learned that this may have once belonged to Helen Duncan, the famous materialisation medium). 2) A 1923 French Franc token, bearing the legend ‘Chambre de Commerce de France’. 3) A penknife with a mother-of-pearl handle. 4) A pearl tiepin. 5) A silver charm of ‘The Grim Reaper’. 6) A silver sports medallion. 7) A marcasite necklace.
During the whole 5 years of the Scole Experiment, we received over 100 apports. These were received at Scole, and at other places in the UK and abroad where we demonstrated the Scole phenomena to the public. Some of these were quite unusual and/or occasionally bizarre!! At our first public demonstration in Felixstowe, Suffolk, we received a quantity of ‘Sacred Ash’ on a saucer. Thinking afterwards that this might be similar to the ‘Vibuti’ that was frequently apported through Sai Baba, a couple of us licked our fingers and gingerly tasted it. Imagine our horror when, at our next session, our Spirit Team told us that the ‘Sacred Ash’ was from the funeral pyre of a holy man!!! From then onwards, we were asked to meditate with our small jar of ‘Sacred Ash’ open to help our meditation, but we never tasted it again!!!
Two unusual Apports were original newspapers, from 1944 and 1945. The first of these (which we were told had come from Helen Duncan) headlined the story of how she had been sent to prison under the ‘Witchcraft Act’ for holding materialisation séances. The truth behind this was that it was a ‘trumped-up’ charge to prevent wartime secrets from coming out in public just prior to ‘Operation Overlord’. This followed the materialisation of a sailor from HMS Barham, when his mother was present at a séance. Wartime censorship had prevented the news of the sinking of the ‘Barham’ from being made public. The second newspaper reported the defeat of Winston Churchill’s party by Labour in the 1945 election. Both newspapers arrived in pristine condition (without yellowing) despite their age – although both ‘yellowed’ quickly afterwards. The paper was examined by PIRA (the Paper Industry Research Association) who were able to confirm that the paper was – in fact – genuine wartime paper containing a significant amount of Lignin; printed by the ‘letterpress’ process which had long since disappeared from the printing of newspapers.
Numerous crystals were apported. Frequently, visitors who needed healing received small quartz crystals that had been specially charged with healing energy. During one session, an apported Amethyst crystal cluster fell onto my foot after it had bounced off the table, and I was asked to pick it up – whereupon I discovered that it was very warm, as a result of the apportation process. Later, before we undertook an overseas tour to demonstrate the Scole phenomena overseas, our Guide Manu apported what he called our ‘Travelling Crystal’. This was a rather lovely quartz crystal cluster which we needed to take with us whenever we demonstrated away from the Scole Cellar. The creative energy was still stored in the glass dome at Scole whenever we were away, but the Spirit Team were able to beam that into the ‘Travelling Crystal’ wherever we might be – in order to produce the phenomena. I personally received a tiny sphere of rock that was not of the Earth, but which came from somewhere in Space.
Finally, and in an amusing fashion, one of the Scole SPR investigators, Monty Keen, received an apport of a very old (and valuable) silver half crown coin from ‘Emily Bradshaw’ (a prominent member of our Spirit Team) as payment for a wager she had jokingly made with him during a session, and then lost. This was accompanied by Emily’s shouting triumphantly – ‘Debt Paid!!!!!’

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