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Article Number 15…Including closure of Scole
Final Article 11 (Part 3). Video Recordings; Project Alice and the End of the ‘Scole Experiment’.

The exciting and positive pioneering progress we had made continually (in cooperation with our Spirit Team) within many different and new aspects of physical phenomena for over 4 years of the ‘Scole Experiment’ was colossal. In May 1997, the Spirit Team indicated that they wanted to achieve the ultimate success – by producing live pictures for us (of the Spirit World and of ‘Other Dimensions’), together with live audio communication from our TDC (Trans-Dimensional-Communication) device. The first sign of their wishes came when – whilst the four of us were staying with Dr. Hans Schaer at his home in Switzerland – Hans presented the Scole Group with a new Video Camera he had bought specially for us to experiment with.

Indeed it was from this time of Hans’s generous donation that the Spirit Team turned their hand to these special Video Experiments, and concentrated their efforts on the hard task of achieving the success they wanted in this brand new sector of Psychic Video Research – as well as continuing to work on the many types of phenomena we had already witnessed, and helped to develop. At the request of our Spirit Team, we therefore set up the new Video Camera in the ‘Scolehole’ before our session on May 20th, for the ‘Team’ to evaluate and inspect. During that session, a number of solid teleported Spirit friends were present in the room. We clearly heard a Spirit person closely examining the Video Camera. This Spirit Team member referred to himself as ‘The Technician’. Shortly afterwards, ‘Emily Bradshaw’ was able to report that the Camera ‘had been found to be very suitable for the work they had in mind’.

Spirit Team Members ‘Edwin’ and ‘Emily’ reminded us about a talk by the ‘Team’ some time previously regarding a ‘Portal’ that was created on the central table especially for ‘Spirit Personalities’ and ‘Stellar Friends’ to gain access to our experimental room. The immediate intention now was to further develop the ‘Portal’ principle so that – eventually – Spirit beings could manifest through this doorway (or Portal) whilst facing towards the Video Camera. Apparently, several secure foundations had been laid at this session for the future work, and we were asked to once again set up the Video Camera ready for the next session.

We allowed the Video Camera to run constantly for 45 minutes (the length of the mini tape we were using) on May 23rd 1997. On watching the playback afterwards, there was little of note to report, but the Spirit Team reported that – at this early stage – they were experiencing problems with the Camera. From the front, it was emitting a massive infra-red ‘blanket’ that was causing a major dilemma. However, we were assured that the ‘Team’ would be making a great effort at future sessions to overcome the difficulty. In addition, the ‘Viewfinder’ of the camera incorporated a Cathode Ray tube which was projecting streams of electrons out onto the ceiling behind – which was causing a luminous patch. Nevertheless, ‘Emily’ asked us to set up the camera in the same way at our next closed session. The fact that we had a ‘remote control’ for it was an advantage – so that we could start and stop it at will.

At our session on May 27th, we were asked to leave the video camera running at all relevant sittings, without covering up the viewfinder. That situation (the infra-red beam plus the luminosity from the viewfinder) was the very worst scenario that we could imagine. That is exactly what the Spirit Team wanted!! The logical reason they gave us was simple. The Team planned to build on the very worst scenario, so that every successful result would be a bonus!! It was at this same session that another technically-minded communicator came through to speak to us about a top-secret project planned for the future with the Scole Group.

It was felt that in the near future, we would be asked by the Spirit Team to construct a ‘Double Psychomantium’ in the cellar area. This would consist of two mirrors. One mirror would be behind the Video Camera, so it could catch and reflect the electron luminosity back towards the other mirror – which would be in front of the camera. This would create a ‘loop’ with the camera that would help create the Portal from the Spirit World. It was very much hoped that the spirit forms manifesting through this Portal could then be captured on the Video Camera. This was the very first reference from our Spirit team to what became known at Scole as ‘The Alice Project’ – the reason for the name being the mirrors, and an oblique reference to the book ‘Through the Looking Glass’/’Alice in Wonderland’. We were told to remember that the original psychomantiums (known as ‘Oracles’ and often located in Ancient Greece) had been successfully used many hundreds of years ago.

Working with the Video Camera was a very complex operation for the Spirit Team, and we were to experience many disappointments along the way before the major successes we eventually obtained through the dedicated work of our Spirit Helpers. With the camera running on May 30th 1997, the Spirit ‘Technician’ working with the camera thought that some spirit lights had been registered on the film, along with an ‘SVO’ (visually built up by Spirit), which had ‘posed’ in front of the camera. Unfortunately, the video film did not contain any positive results. Our next ‘closed’ session was on June 3rd, and this was the first of a series of four uninterrupted Group sittings (no visitors). Whilst the Camera was recording, we experienced a spectacular display of Spirit light phenomena, plus several SVO’s. Regrettably, NONE of these were picked up by the camera – although one bright Spirit light with a strong penlight-style beam shone directly into the lens of the camera, and this was recorded on the film – our very first positive result with the Video work!!!

On June 7th, our work with the video camera continued. The tape in the camera was faulty – so we were unable to examine it afterwards for positive results. At this session (and at the request of the Spirit Team) the video camera had been pointed in a Southerly direction. The team mentioned the possibility of our using two separate video cameras in the future – to create a loop that the technicians could work with, since our own video camera was not as sensitive as had been hoped by the Spirit Team. So, at the session on June 9th, we hired a second video camera, and used that in conjunction with our own. To complete the loop, we placed our video camera so that it was facing East. Pointing towards it and facing West was the hired video camera. It was explained that the loop – on this occasion – was by way of a figure of eight. The results on the cameras were superb – and quite amazing. Our own camera showed a face at the very beginning; subsequently identified as an image of God; kneeling, with a set of compasses encircling the world. It was a copy of an illustration from a William Blake poem – possibly published in 1798. The hired video camera showed brilliant green/white flashes of light, together with quite amazing colour structures. The really exciting images on it, however, were of an ET-like head and hand! Both of the cameras also showed images of large golden lights, alternately the sizes of a full moon and a cricket ball that was constantly reducing and enlarging.

Sitting on Friday 13th June 1997, we once again used just our own video camera. For the first time, we introduced the new remote control we had bought for the camera. This was attached to the camera by a long, thin cable which was held – either by Sandra or by me, so that we could start and stop recording as requested by the Spirit Team. Disappointingly, there was only one image of a bright Spirit light that was captured on the camera during this session. On June 17th, we experimented with a mirror for the first time – set up as per the instructions of the Spirit Team. We had tilted the mirror backwards as requested by using plastic book display racks, and it was situated on the South side of its table facing North. The video camera (on the other side of the table facing South) was high up – some six inches or so higher than the mirror; and pointing down into it. Sandra held the remote control, and turned the camera on when requested to do so by ‘Edwin’. Before the session started, and whilst the room light was still on, we left the camera running for a few minutes with what proved to be some wonderful results later on.

On close examination later, it became obvious that the very first ‘Project Alice’ experiment had been successful – with the four of us being blocked out audibly and visually from the results. The main images were received in full light – right at the very beginning of the session – and consisted of coloured energy patterns and interference, as well as visual pictures of an ET type being!! Nevertheless, ‘Edwin went on to tell us that the set up of the mirror we had on this occasion was not ideal. At out next session, we needed to place the video camera below the table, instead of above – as we had this time. Additionally, we needed to add a totally matt black screen behind the camera. We complied fully with these extra instructions when we next sat on June 19th. The initial filming in the light produced no results, whilst the filming we did in darkness produced burst of colour – purples, blues, greens, reds and yellows moving rapidly around the screen. For our next closed session, we were asked to provide a second mirror at the exact site on the dark screen where the light from the camera sight, so that the camera filmed a picture of the mirror, which was then projected vis the camera sight onto a second mirror in front of the matt black screen. The second mirror would then reflect this image back into the first mirror, where it would once again be picked up by the camera – thus forming a complete loop.

We followed the new instructions at our next session on June 23rd but – despite our best efforts, we failed to get the angles of the mirrors exactly right, so the loop was not perfect, and we did not have any positive results on that occasion. Eventually, however – after several tries and much head-scratching – we worked out a technique to get the mirrors positioned exactly right at every future session. The table, with video camera and mirrors was set up at the opposite end of the cellar from where we were sitting so it was totally separate from us, and we fitted a curtain across the cellar between us and the camera. At the same time – on our side of the curtain – the Spirit Team were experimenting with the TDC device, plugged into a cassette tape recorder that had its microphone removed, to work on receiving audio messages from the cassette tape recorder’s amplifier. It took some time, and several sittings before the Spirit Team deemed the setup of the ‘Project Alice’ mirrors and video camera to be ‘just right’ for them to work with. Several of our sessions produced no positive results whatsoever from the video camera. Others produced just a constant swirling of brilliant colours at this early stage.

On August 1st 1997, our playback of the video showed a definite human hand and arm in a red hue, against the constant and central blue circle on the screen created by the ‘psychomantium effect’. Several human and ET type figures also passed quickly through the central blue circle. Results for some time after that sitting were sporadic, and consisted mainly of obscure figures and objects showing themselves against the background of the central blue circle, together with more of the swirling colours on the tapes. It was clear that the Spirit Team were having some difficulties with the continued development of the ‘Alice Project’, and this was not helped by the fact that the three SPR Scientists who had been sitting regularly with us had taken away our ‘TDC’ device (an essential part of our experimental sessions) for ‘Examination’ and had not returned it quickly to us as they had promised to do. This was interfering with our progress on all fronts.

On September 17th (More than six weeks after the SPR scientists had removed our TDC device and (microphone removed) cassette tape recorder, these had still not been returned to us and – once again – the results on our ‘Alice Experiment’ were poor. The Spirit Team were disappointed that the SPR Scientists were no longer cooperating with us – and them – and it was jointly decided at that point between us and the Spirit Team that no further time should be wasted in trying to cooperate with the ever increasing demands these Investigators were making of us. Consequently, the SPR Scientists did not sit with us again. The TDC device and the ‘Cassette Tape Recorder’ that had been taken away for ‘Investigation’ within the SPR were eventually returned to us by Monty Keen on September 21st. He jokingly commented that “We might have to screw everything up!!” We were appalled by the state (particularly of the cassette tape recorder) of these items when they were returned. The works inside the recorder were loose and rattling about. The crystalline sliver of germanium within the TDC device now appeared to be much shorter than I remembered it, and clearly showed that a piece had been broken off – either intentionally or by mistake whilst their examination of the equipment had been taking place.

Our ‘closed’ session on September 23rd 1997 was almost by way of a reunion between us and the Spirit Team, following our seminars and demonstrations in the Netherlands and Germany. We agreed to take on no more public seminars and demonstrations – as the Spirit Team now wanted to forge ahead with their work and development without the disruption caused by the SPR investigators; thus putting together an uninterrupted ‘string’ of sittings to enhance the ‘Alice Project’ and our connections with our ‘Stellar Friends’. We were told that we would shortly begin to work in a small amount of natural light – provided by candles. Spirit Team member ‘Edwin’ discussed the ‘Alice Project’ in depth. It was now to change, so that only one mirror would be used. The video camera was to be focussed directly into the one mirror – with no angles up or down. The background music was also to be changed, with just meditational style music being played.

This new format for the ‘Alice Project’ was first used on September 26th. We noted a significant change in the results when the video recording was played back. Throughout the whole run of the video (45 minutes), there were amazing surges of energy that showed up on the tape but, for the first time, some of these seemed to portray almost solid, moving shapes of energy. Partway through the film, with a ‘greenish’ hue predominating the background, a definite large, circular patch of green light appeared several times, and in a number of different places. This was fully animated, and moved swiftly across the screen in different directions; sometimes ‘popping up’ from the bottom of the screen like the wartime cartoon ‘Chad’.

Results with ‘Project Alice’ continued to be quite sporadic for some time. It was obviously taking lots of time and difficult work by the Spirit Team to perfect the Video Experiments. On Friday November 14th 1997, however, there was an amazing and continuous sequence during the last 8 minutes of filming when the tape was played back. The animated images this time were basically black-and-white, with occasional yellow tinges, which showed what appeared to be a ring-like object which looked almost like a ‘space station’ or ‘fly on the wall’ fairground ride. Finally, there was an image that – like a glove-puppet – kept popping up from the bottom of the picture. We only lost these clear images (video grab shown here) because the vide tape in the camera finished.

Gradually, from then on, we started to notice a vast improvement in the quality of images we were receiving through ‘Project Alice’, although these did not occur at every sitting. On December 8th. During the first communication by ‘Manu’, he told us that the conditions at this session were excellent, and that the main effort of the Spirit Team would be concentrated on the Video filming, although we did receive several clear audio messages through the TDC device from ‘other dimensions’ during this session. When we played the video film back afterwards, we first noticed what appeared to be a ‘smoky haze’ (looking a little like a flame) develop in the centre of the picture. Then we had a marvellous sequence of moving images – at first looking like a long blue tunnel – with a light at its far end, that reminded us of the ‘tunnel’ which we are told we all experience as our entry point to the Spirit World. This ‘tunnel’ was undulating as it moved. We had no idea exactly what we were seeing, but the clear and positive result continued for almost 10 minutes – right until the video film finished!!

On January 2nd 1998, despite the fact that one of our mediums – Alan – was unable to achieve the trance state owing to illness, we saw a positive result when we played back the ‘Alice’ video afterwards. There was a definite face on it. This gradually got clearer, until we could make out the full head and shoulders of a figure (looking very much like ourselves), with what seemed to be dark hair; a headband and very red lips. We concluded that this ‘Lightworker’ that we could see was female. The image of this face lasted for several minutes. Four weeks later, on January 30th, we again had an excellent result from ‘Project Alice’. By this time, we were running the video camera in full light for up to 30 minutes, and then just 15 minutes in darkness. At this session, we had the main result during our filming in full light. At the beginning of the film, we saw a single line that showed up from the top to the bottom of the screen. This turned sideways to show us that it was flat. The whole then gradually moved round so that we were viewing it from the front, and opened out to form a background for the image that followed. We were confronted with the clear and animated image of an interdimensional being (ET) whose features were definitely not human!!

We had further instructions from the Spirit Team regarding the setup of the mirror and video camera. We changed it as requested so that we still began the filming in full light for the first 30 minutes. The mirror and camera were changed around so that the mirror was higher, and tilted backwards. The camera was to be even higher than the mirror – and focussed into it. We were to place a low chair between the camera and the mirror, but facing the mirror. This set-up was meant to ensure that anyone sitting on the low chair – and looking into the mirror – could not see themselves in it. This, in effect created a proper ‘psychomantium’ in the cellar, with the video camera as an ‘add-on’. The four of us (plus any visitors) from then onwards were required by the Spirit Team to each sit for 5 minutes on the chair whilst gazing into the mirror. After the first 30 minutes of filming, we were to turn out the light for the final 15 minutes.

On Friday, March 6th 1998, we had been using the new format with ‘Project Alice’ for 5 weeks with little by way of results. But during this particular session. Whilst filming in the light, we saw a myriad of rainbow-like colours, on and around the screen. During the final 15 minutes of filming in total darkness, we viewed a number of abstract and non-humanoid shapes moving animatedly around the screen. These included one with a greyish face and moving large owl-like eyes, with a central glowing point around the nose area. This sequence only finished when the camera clicked off after 45 minutes. On March 9th, whilst filming during the darkness, we captured excellent images for the last 6 or 7 minutes of the tape. These showed a number of animated interdimensional beings, together with some very clear images of amazing things – supposedly direct from the Spirit World – to which we were unable to put a specific name!

On March 13th, we again captured some excellent results on the video camera during ‘Project Alice’. As had happened before, these started at exactly the moment Manu began to speak to us through our medium, Diana. These images also lasted for seven minutes until the tape finished. There were many clear, ‘other world’ pictures. We were told that we would all sleep very deeply after this session, and that we would experience vivid dreams. Once again, the Spirit World were right – as this is exactly what happened with us all! On March 20th, my diary records that we received some amazing video footage, which clearly showed a non-human head – sporting sparse, short hair – and which had just one very large, rolling eye. This ‘stellar friend’ was captured during the filming in full light. During the ‘dark’ period of filming, we also received a 7-minute sequence of clear images which – for the very first time – started before Manu started to speak to us.

On Saturday, March 28th, we had our friend Dr. Hans Schaer with us as a guest sitter. As per our previous instructions, Hans had to take his place in front of the mirror, for his 5 minutes of ‘mirror-gazing’ whilst the camera rolled. The actual mini video tape which we used for this session had been purchased by Hans himself. He signed it in several places before we used it – to ensure that it was the original tape (and therefore any results were evidential) when the recording was played back. Right at the very beginning of the tape (as predicted accurately by ‘Emily’) was a picture of ‘other dimensions. Within a ‘bubble’ and incorporated on the film was an image of a man’s face (wearing glasses and sideways on). A second head (with a Russian-style fur hat on) sat behind the first. Hans did not recognise either of the faces to begin with – however, the four of us in the Scole Group did recognise the main face as that of Fernando; a friend and employee of Hans when he was alive, and a person we had met and befriended on the first occasion we visited Hans’ finca on the Island of Ibiza. Fernando had tragically ‘died’ shortly after our visit. (a video ‘grab’ of this picture is included here).

Our ‘Project Alice’ recording on March 30th 1998 produced an excellent result right at the beginning, whilst filming in full light, when we played it back. There was a very clear animated image of an interdimensinal being with no hair and large black eyes. There was no mouth apparent, but this extraterrestrial being did have a narrow, beaklike nose. The session on Friday April 10th was a very special one, because this was when we received the now famous animated picture of ‘Blue’, who went on to be a ‘special friend’ of ours when he was teleported several times into the group during sessions (as well as into another group we sat with years later). UFO enthusiasts would recognise him as a classic ‘grey’, but our special friend was – indeed – blue all over. Hence the nickname. (a video ‘grab’ of this picture is also included here). On April 20th, we again captured an excellent image in full light. This was another blue-coloured being rather like our special friend, but this one had slightly more angular eyes than ‘Blue’.

On May 8th, we first learned from ‘Emily’ that the Spirit Team were having problems at this session. This was due to ‘Time Travellers’ from our own future. By our work during the ‘Scole Experiment’ we had created an ‘Interdimensional Portal’ that had unexpectedly attracted these ‘time travellers’. ‘Emily’ told us that a recurrence of this problem must be taken into account as a distinct possibility during future sessions – and must be guarded against. It was the very first hint that things were not going as smoothly as the Spirit Team might have hoped during our experiments. On May 18th 1998 – during our sitting – there were no results on either the video recording of ‘Project Alice’ or audio results through the TDC device. When Spirit Team members ‘Emily’ and ‘Patrick’ spoke to us, they told us that the Spirit Team were still having problems with the ‘Alice Portal’. Apparently, it was known by Spirit some time previously that our ‘doorway’ was likely to extend to the year 2014 (which would not have caused any problems). What they (and us) had not foreseen, however, was that it would (in fact) actually extend – as it was then doing – as far as the year 2109. This was allowing some access to genetically different beings from our own future. We were then told that allowing access to beings so far into our future contravened natural laws, and could therefore not be allowed. Much attention was being given to this problem by the ‘Council of Communion’. At this point – in May 1998 – ‘Emily’ and ‘Patrick’ were not even sure whether this crisis might lead to our work at Scole being shut down completely.
After more negative results with ‘Project Alice’ and the TDC device, on June 5th – we were asked (from now on) to use candlelight for the first 30 minutes of our session, instead of full electric lighting. This should – apparently – balance things out as it represented the last of the classic elements – ‘fire’ – that we required in the group. ‘Air’ was always present, and we each had a glass of ‘Water’. ‘Earth’ was represented by the Crystals that we used at each sitting. But – as ‘Manu’ said – until now there had been no fire. Finally, during our session on June 19th, it did seem as though the hard work of the Spirit Team in the background had paid off. This was the definitive sitting that once again established our physical phenomena and direct contact with Spirit beyond any shadow of doubt. When the video tape was played back afterwards, there was an excellent image at the start (recorded in candlelight), which was predominantly blue in colour. This looked rather like a ‘snow-capped mountain’ within a bubble, which lasted for 30 seconds. ‘Manu’ told us that the energies had now stabilised, and the portal was once again under total control. It was anticipated that our progress from now on would prove to be rapid. From then on, we had excellent results through the TDC device with good voice-to-voice contact.
On July 6th, we once again had a good result on ‘Project Alice’. This time the clear and lengthy images appeared to show a ‘grassy plain’, surrounded by crystal-like mountains; with a sort of building (unlike anything we had ever seen before) in the foreground. This – we were told – was a view from within the Spirit World! This was followed on July 10th by similar results showing images in blue and purple interspersed with green. These were once again reminiscent of a Spirit-World landscape. Another clear and superb image of a Spirit-World landscape was captured on the ‘Alice’ video on July 13th. On August 24th, we had an extremely clear image on the ‘Alice’ video of green leaves rustling on a tree – again supposedly in the Spirit World. Despite our usual sittings twice per week, however, the good results on the video recordings at this stage were only coming in ‘fits and starts’ – instead of on a regular week-to-week basis. During our session on September 21st 1998, ‘Manu’ predicted that there would be pictures on the video recorder which showed an ‘area of existence’ in the Spirit World that was connected with ‘The Ancient Ones’. The result – as predicted – was indeed quite wonderful. It lasted for over a minute, and was interspersed with extremely vibrant colours.
These images were further improved at our sitting on September 25th. This time we were able to view an amazing and much longer animated image – showing a Spirit World landscape, complete with three pyramids, water, greenery and a tree. The camera was seen to ‘pan’ across the image slightly. (A video ‘grab’ of part of this picture is included here). On October 10th, we received an animated image of a ‘planet’ with moons (included here). We had further spectacular results on the ‘Alice’ video when we sat on October 15th. We captured a fantastic series of images on the video. All the colours were extremely vibrant, and there was lots of animation on the film, with a tube-like object moving across the screen both horizontally and vertically. This was emitting a sort of darkish ‘smoke’ upwards. Another object – looking rather like a ‘sun’ with rays coming from it – appeared on the screen from the right of the picture, before moving all over the screen in a mysterious manner. These images lasted right until the camera had been turned off by a ‘materialised’ spirit technician. The Spirit team asked us from then on, to connect the TDC device into the video camera, so that vision from the camera could be co-ordinated and synchronised with audio speech from Spirit and ‘Other World’ communicators.
Although we were not aware of it at the time, there were just 4 sittings left before the end of ‘the Scole Experiment’. The first of these was on Friday October 23rd 1998. The session incorporated the very first of what came to be known as the ‘Jar-Had-We’ messages. These were the final audio messages we received via the TDC device, routed through the amplifier of the Video Recorder so that – whilst we could hear these messages loud and clear as they were spoken to us, we could not yet (until after the session during playback) see the synchronised video pictures that went with the messages. Almost from the very start of this session, there had been interference through the TDC, and a loud ‘screeching’ noise that seemed to come from the crystals we were using. This sound made it absolutely impossible for our two mediums to go into a controlled trance state so – for this and the other three remaining sittings, both Alan and Diana were fully conscious.
This first loud audio message we received through the TDC was in a slightly ‘robotic’ voice (using the special I.D.O.L.I.S interpretation system incorporated into the TDC device by the Spirit World Technicians) and in the English Language. Here is the message phonetically:

“Jar-Had-We. Jar-Had-We Scole. Can you hear me? Can you hear me, Scole?”
“This is Varren-here-ic calling you. I hope you can hear what I am saying. Thank you for making the alterations to your experiments. Without this, we would not be able to communicate with you visually and audibly at the same moment of your time. We are pleased to be able to send out thoughts to you using your very own technology – we have been observing your work and what is happening”.
“The interference that you have been experiencing is only interference to your work; a strong vibration which seems to be coming from your own future. This vibration is causing a breakdown in communication with your own Spirit Team, as you call them. We have been watching this happen”.
“Every time you come together, you create a ‘doorway’ in time and space, which gives access to the interference. We will try and find out what is happening, and tell you more next time you are together”.
“Thank you for co-operating with us. We will try and help if we can. This is Varren-here-ic. I must end this communication with you. Jar-Had-We, Jar-Had-We. Peace!!”

When we played the video tape back afterwards, there was a wonderful sound and vision synchronicity on the tape. The images were in brilliant and vibrant colour, partly showing the animated (and almost transparent – nearly invisible) outline of the communicator’s head and shoulders as he moved about the screen. We were able to see the lips moving as he delivered his important message to us. These vibrant, amazing, colour-changing images were repeated during each of the three similar messages we received in the process of closing down the ‘Scole Experiment’.

During our short sitting on October 27th, we again received a ‘Jar-Had-We’ message, synchronised with a brilliant set of Visual images (including the semi-transparent picture of ‘Varrenhere-ic’ as he spoke to us) on the video recorder, which lasted for just seven minutes:

“Jar-had-we, Jar-had-we Scole. This is ‘Varren-here-ic calling you”.
“I am pleased you can understand my words now. As I told you last time you came together, we have been observing your work to try to understand what is happening”.
“First, I have to say that your links with your Spirit Team at Scole are lost!! I repeat – are lost!! This means that you will no longer be able to communicate with the team – either through your mediums or through other channels. The Spirit Team and yourselves had created a unique spiritual and interdimensional doorway. This has attracted experimenters from your future who are exploring time”.
“The interference is an interdimensional timewave pattern. This has not yet been discovered in your time period. This timewave pattern is being generated by a crystalline time probe; a basic method of creating time patterns. These are amongst the first of such experiments. We will let you know more about this the next time you are together. Thank you for co-operating with us”.
“This is Varren-here-ic. I must end this communication with you. Jar-had-we. Peace!!”

The penultimate session of the ‘Scole Experiment’ -lasting just 25 minutes – took place on November 2nd. Once more, we had a successful and quite mind-blowing combination of visual and audio messages that followed the same pattern as the previous two ‘Jar-had-we’ communications. The stunning images continually changed colour as the communicator Varren-here-ic spoke, often seeming to represent ‘fields’ or ‘individual areas’ within another world. The images – and the message – lasted for 8 minutes this time:

“Jar-had-we. Jar-had-we Scole! This is Varren-here-ic calling you”.
“I am pleased that I can communicate with you again this way. We know that you like to hear our words, even though you are unable to speak to us directly”.
“I have to say to you that your links with your Spirit Team at Scole are lost!! This means that you will no longer be able to communicate with them, either through your mediums or through other channels. We now have more information, and I shall try to explain as follows: The interdimensional time wave pattern – generated by your future – is coming from another time belonging to your world”.
“It is being generated by a crystalline time probe. This method of exploring time patterns is very basic, but is still capable of generating a broad timecast. These are amongst the first of such experiments!”
“Your future holds many more discoveries which can help Humankind to develop beyond your present limitations. It is this timecast that is creating the interference. The interference is still causing problems, even though you may not always hear it”.
“By attempting to access your present time, those responsible are causing time ripples – or shock waves – to penetrate the doorway and the surrounding time space. It was these shock waves that severed your own special links with your Spirit Team at Scole, and are still causing imbalance in your dimension. You can make no changes that will stop this happening. I shall repeat – You can make no changes that will stop this happening”.
“This probing of time is a violation of the Cosmic and Interdimensional laws relating to time and space – and this will not be allowed to continue. We will let you know more about this the next time you are together”.
“Thank you for co-operating with us. This is Varren-here-ic, and I must end this communication with you. Jar-had-we! Peace!!”

Our Final sitting of the ‘Scole Experiment’ took place on November 6th 1998. We were quite devastated for our work to have ended so suddenly, and have mourned the loss of communication with our Spirit Team ever since!! They were just like our ‘extended family’, and dearly loved by us all. The final sitting also lasted just 25 minutes. Once again, there was perfect synchronisation of audio and visual images as Varren-here-ic’s lips moved during his final message:

“Jar-had-we. Jar-had-we Scole! This is Varren-here-ic calling you. I hope you can hear me. Your experimental work with your Spirit Team has created a vortex, or doorway. It is this vortex that has attracted experimenters from your future”.
“This means that every time your four spiritual energies are together, and you try to re-establish communication with your Team, the future time experimenters try to make their own links with your time. This interference cannot be allowed to continue! We ask that you co-operate by not attempting to contact your Spirit Team”.
“We must tell you that all the work you did at Scole was very important. The links that were made have already enabled interdimensional energies and wisdom to assist the changes to future Earth consciousness. Therefore, this final mission is to seal the doorway that has been created, and to end ALL communications. I repeat – to end ALL communications”.
“I would like to thank you for co-operating with us. This is Varren-here-ic and I must end this last communication with you now. Jar-had-we. Vit-jew-tic. Tac-tic-tar-jar. peace to you all now and in your future. Jar-had-we! Vit-Jew-Tic!!”

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