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Article Number 12
Article number 10 (Part 3) – Solid Spirits (and Beings from ‘Other Dimensions)’ amongst us.

In parts one and two of this Article (number 10), I have described some of the experiences we had in the course of the ‘Scole Experiment’ with the actual presence of Solid and Partially Solid Spirit Visitors who were ‘teleported’ into our experimental sessions, and who were able to interact with us in a physical way during our sittings. I will give a few more examples here, as well as describing the visits of Solid and partially Solid Beings from ‘Other Dimensions’ – in other words, not ‘human’ as we understand the term. Nevertheless, those visitors were just as much loving; cooperative and intelligent ‘souls’ as the members of our own dear Spirit Team.

Almost from the very start of the ‘Scole Experiment’, we had solid and partially solid Spirit Visitors with us in the ‘Scolehole’ (our nickname for the cellar in our Scole farmhouse home which we held our experimental sessions) on almost every occasion that we sat. These spirit friends were with us in substantial form (as we could always hear their footsteps and movements in and around the cellar; their manipulation of chairs and pieces of equipment – as well as feeling the loving touch of their hands as they interacted with us during our sessions. They frequently pulled up chairs to sit with us as part of the circle, and often outnumbered us (usually just the four members of the Scole Experimental Group) within the room. I remember that frequently, whilst there were just the four of us present, we had up to eight fully solid Spirit Visitors with us in the room at any one time.

Often, our teleported Spirit Friends would simply sit with us without speaking, in order to practice their teleportation techniques – in and out of the room – or practice manipulation of (sometimes tiny) objects and electrical switches on the wall; or on pieces of equipment (such as those playing cassette music tapes, or recording the session). One amusing incident springs to mind, when ‘John’ (One of the group’s Spirit Visitors) was with us in solid form during a session. He demanded to know: ” Have you got a ladder here?? I want to get something down from the curtain rail on the back wall”. Sandra simply said “No – our ladder is upstairs” – whereupon ‘John’ replied “Never mind – I will use a chair instead”. We all heard him pull over a chair to the wall near the redundant curtain rail (which still contained a row of tiny, fiddly curtain hooks) and proceed to stand on it and manipulate the curtain hooks. Whilst doing this he was constantly joking that he might fall off the chair and kill himself!! This comment caused me to crease up with laughter – considering that ‘John’ was already ‘dead’! Nevertheless, ‘John’ persisted with his efforts until he had managed to release one of the fiddly curtain hooks, which he then gave to Sandra to prove he had managed it!! This was achieved in total darkness, and I think that I personally would have had great difficulty achieving the same result in full light!!!

On June 10th, 1995 (just one of the many occasions on which it happened) a spirit person close to me pushed the ‘stop’ button on the cassette tape player to stop – and then eject – the music tape that was playing. I was then handed another music tape (by the same Spirit person) which music he preferred to that which I had played before. Two days later, we had good illumination within the cellar from a greenish spirit light within the glass dome, which lasted for a total of one hour and thirty-seven minutes. For 52 minutes of that time. we all had the opportunity to see visible, substantial and definite shapes of the human spirit figures amongst us within the dim luminosity from the dome. These were often hazy to begin with – but seemed to be continuously absorbing the green spirit light, and somehow retaining it, so that they appeared to be almost self-luminous. We were easily able to follow the movement of these forms as they moved about, bent down and walked around the room.

One was occupying a corner of the cellar that had – for some time – seemed to hold a special attraction for the figures, whilst another was standing up and moving about behind the two mediums (both of which we could clearly see in deep trance whilst occupying their normal seats). Both the figures I have just mentioned came closer to the light (so we could see them very clearly), lingering there much longer than had previously been achieved by our ‘solid’ spirit visitors. In turn, they displayed their hands, fingers, arms and legs so we could view them in minute detail, to show that they were quite normal way, and that they were very much like ourselves – no Spirit Drapery (as might have been displayed if their presence was due to the more traditional ectoplasmic-based Spirit World technology).

On June 30th 1995, the silvery-green crystal-like light source from Spirit again lit up our central glass dome like a light bulb. Once this had happened, there followed an amazing display by our teleported (and physically present) Spirit Visitors. The luminosity was present to a greater or lesser degree for most of our session intermittently, becoming brighter or duller as the occasion demanded. We were again able to see the outlines of our Spirit friends as they moved about the room – occasionally displaying parts of their bodies to us when the spirit light was at its brightest. One of these figures spent ages bending backwards and forwards towards the glass dome, which he patted with his hand from time to time. He appeared to us to be standing in the middle of the table with his feet upon the floor so that – in other words – the solid table was actually passing through his body at about waist height!! The view that we all had of his facial area, arms and hands was quite fantastic. We were so stunned by this experience that we celebrated it afterwards with a glass of ‘bubbly’.

On July 10th 1995, one of our teleported Spirit Visitors picked up a glass of water from beside the chair of one of our sitters; took it to a corner of the room and – between blowing kisses to us all – and whilst slurping the contents – drank over half the water in the glass, which we were able to confirm later. These wonderful results, by then, were happening so often at Scole that we just started to take them for granted. We now know – of course – that many researchers would have given their right arms to experience a half of the phenomena we had by then witnessed. At a session on September 25th, all of us were touched on several occasions by a number of solid Spirit friends who were present during the session. At one time, a Spirit Visitor was banging on the cellar door behind me. At the same time, another solid Spirit banged on the sounding board behind Sandra (these two points were over 20 feet apart)! Simultaneously, Sandra was touched by two Spirit hands, with one gently holding her ankle. As this was occurring, group member Ken was himself being touched by two separate hands. Both Sandra and Ken had their hair stroked, and a Spirit hand inserted itself into Ken’s trouser pocket and extracted a small object. This experience proved quite conclusively that there were at least three teleported Spirit Visitors in the room together.

On November 7th 1996, for the very first time of use, we had three spirit lights simultaneously in our second dome which was sitting in the corner of the cellar. These were very bright, and shone onto a number of luminous shapes – each about the size of a human face. Gradually, these shapes (which were fully animated and moving about in a normal manner) became clearer. ‘Emily Bradshaw’ confirmed to us that they were indeed spirit beings who were trying to show themselves to us. One in particular was gravitating backwards and forwards (bowing) towards the table. We could see the man’s lips move, and as we commented on this, the spirit person nodded and continued to move his lips; then a low voice began to come from the area of the lips as they moved. Our teleported friend asked if he could come nearer to us and – of course – we were happy to agree to this. He then moved very close to us, accompanied by a strong breeze (which is typical when a solid spirit person is close to sitters during a séance). This was quite a breakthrough by our Spirit Friend, and we were delighted to have a second Spirit Person attempt the same phenomena.

As the second Spirit ‘Volunteer’ tried to show himself, both Sandra and I were able to see his facial area clearly. We saw the nose and lips (which were moving) and the chin. Finally we saw a well-formed and complete Spirit Face bending over the spirit light from the upturned and self-illuminated Pyrex bowl on the table. There are so many instances I could quote of similar experiences over the years, where fully illuminated hands, arms and fully solid spirit bodies were clearly seen by us and by the many visitors and guests who attended our seminars and demonstration sittings.

There is just one more incident that I would like to mention. This experience had already happened many times to members of the Scole Experimental Group, but it is interesting to hear it as told by one of our sitters; Patricia Loar (an American lady who – with her husband – sat in a physical circle herself) when she attended one of our demonstration sittings in California in April 1997:
“I was sitting there when I felt an arm – right in front of me, moving around, and the hand, which was fully animated, touched me. I was so startled that I moved my hand right up the sleeve, which was clothed in what felt like a shirt. As my hand reached the shoulder, I was totally shocked!!! There was nothing there above the shoulder, although the arm continued moving normally”.

It was late 1996 when things began to change gradually and in a subtle way. During Scole Group sessions, we had been experimenting for some time with the TDC (trans-dimensional communication) device for which the design blueprint – signed by Thomas Edison – had appeared on a sealed film. However, we had not yet been receiving clear messages through this device – and did not in fact do so until January 21st 1997, when Edison himself spoke clearly to us through the device for the first time. However, on December 10th 1996, our Spirit Team brought us an ‘MVO’ (mobile visual object) that was clearly solid, and which most definitely resembled a miniature ‘UFO’ that flew around the room for a very long period. When Sandra suggested that it did – in fact – look like a ‘UFO’, ‘Emily Bradshaw’ contradicted her and explained that it actually WAS a ‘UFO’. This was the first link we ever had that suggested our connection with ‘Other Dimensions’, in addition to the ‘Spirit World’. Very carefully, and seriously, Emily asked us if we were ‘comfortable’ with such a connection. We were, of course, very enthusiastic ourselves – and keen to follow up this new avenue of research. Our belief, however, is that if we had not been personally happy to connect with these ‘Other Dimensions’, then the matter would not have been taken any further by the Spirit Team.

As 1997 progressed clear voice messages through the TDC device continued to develop and some of these started to come from dimensions where the communicators were not human as such. We were also getting regular results in our ‘Project Alice’ video experiments. Some of the images we captured on the video camera were definitely of beings who were very different to us. It was on June 9th that we first received a clear, animated image of an ET (Extra Terrestrial) being. This trend continued till eventually we were receiving clear and animated images on the video camera showing different ET beings – some with rolling eyes, or large dark eyes that reflected light in a multitude of colours. The ultimate shots we received were those of two separate ET beings who were blue in colour, and resembled the classic ‘Greys’ of Ufology. One of these we nicknamed ‘Blue’ and joined in pleasant conversations with him. On more than one occasion ‘Blue’ was eventually teleported into the room in solid form to be with us.

The final Scole session of 1997 – on December 22nd – was a memorable occasion, during which we experienced some wonderful physical interaction between ourselves and ‘Other World’ beings. At one point in the sitting, the atmosphere in the room suddenly became very cold. We soon heard the noises on and around the table as three or more corporeal (solid) teleported figures built up. We could clearly hear the movement of their feet and the sound of their clothes swishing as they moved around the room. Sandra was touched first, and was gently massaged around the head, back and shoulders. Sometimes she was touched by two or more ‘Stellar friends’ simultaneously, whilst I was touched by another. It was soon clear that these teleported beings came from ‘Far and Other Dimensions’ as we discovered that the hands of two of them were small, with six or even seven fingers. At least one ‘ET friend’ had only two or three digits on his hand, but the fingers were unusually long as they touched us.

Eventually, as one of the small ET ‘Visitors’ stood only inches in front of her, Sandra’s own hands were lifted up by the loving ET personality, and placed on different parts of his body in turn – particularly the head and face. She was encouraged to feel the ‘little friend’ to prove to herself that he was not ‘human’ as we understood the term. Delighted with this experience, Sandra asked if I too could enjoy this privilege.

Our ET friend then moved to just inches in front of me, and soon afterwards I was also touched by the small fingers on my own hands which were – at that time – resting on my knee. My left hand was lifted up bodily and placed by the ET on top of his head. The hair was very short, soft and quite sparse (perhaps typified by the slang expression ‘bumfluff’). As I felt carefully all over the head, it was obvious that the shape of the head was unusual. My hand was drawn across the facial skin (possibly the cheeks) and I noted with interest that the skin was smooth, and of a different texture to ours.

My fingers were then placed on a nose area that seemed much more prominent and narrow than our own before finally being guided to the visitor’s mouth and chin (which seemed extremely angular). Notably, there was no facial hair around the mouth or chin. Much later (looking back on the experience) we speculated that this ‘Stellar Friend’ may well have been the being we came to love as ‘Blue’. He (and other ‘Stellar Friends’) visited us again on a number of occasions at Scole. Interestingly, years after the end of the ‘Scole Experiment’ in 2007 ‘Blue’ was once again teleported in solid form (with full voice communication between us) into sessions we enjoyed in Spain and France with the Glasgow-based ‘Freedom of Spirit’
‘Energy’ phenomena group.

When we sat on April 6th 1998, ‘Manu’ came through to speak to us at the beginning of the session as normal. However – before leaving – he asked us to meditate for a while on the oceans and seas, which we did. Shortly afterwards, we heard noises all over the central table. ‘Emily Bradshaw’ commented about the beings who were physically with us having ‘suckers’. We assumed she was joking, and laughed heartily – but it was not long before we began to wonder if Emily had, in fact been joking!! We continued to hear noises and movement all round the table, and Sandra was touched a couple of times. As she continued to be touched further, and in a stronger way, we heard strange puffing, blowing and ‘lip smacking’ noises. For some time, we had enjoyed (via the TDC) voice communication with an ET being who called himself ‘Shariness’, or ‘Sharn’ for short. He spoke up at this point, and told us that the noises we were hearing from these strange ‘Stellar Friends’ was actually by way of greeting!!

Shariness explained that there were two teleported ‘Other Dimensional’ beings present in solid form – a fat one and a thin one – who were joined together. We immediately nicknamed these two as ‘Laurel and Hardy’!!! Sandra – at her own request – was touched on her arm, and this interdimensional friend allowed her to feel all over the appendage that was touching her. This appeared to have a large sucker on the end of it. The experience was repeated for me so that I too could feel this strange appendage. I was also touched on the arm and knee by what I was able to confirm as a genuinely animated warm ‘sucker’. I took the opportunity to feel this appendage and ‘sucker’ all over, and can report that it had the consistency of an elephant’s trunk; albeit a little more rigid in shape and form. For convenience and easy future recognition, we referred to these beings as ‘The Suckers’.

On Monday April 13th 1998, we were once again urged by ‘Manu’ at the beginning of the session to meditate for 5 minutes. Shortly after we had finished the meditation, we heard movement and noises around the room, plus some ‘Morse-like’ signals through the TDC. Sandra felt something pulled across her lap that had definite weight to it. Emily spoke, together with ‘Shariness’ and told us that the particular beings that were with us at that session were known as ‘Sliders’. The curtains were then swished about. Lots more movements and noises followed, with the luminous tabs on the central table being regularly obscured as solid masses passed over them. The ‘Sliders’ touched both Sandra and me frequently. When I was touched on the chest, the ‘limbs’ which touched me had definite weight and mass to them.

We were allowed to touch back. and encountered limbs that felt like and arm and a hand. These ‘appendages’ were very warm, and the ‘skin’ felt almost like a knitted textile; the hand somewhat resembling a ‘mitten’, but with one digit that felt like a thumb; the rest of the ‘hand’ being in one piece. We were touched all over by this ‘hand’. Our fingers were felt, and Sandra was touched on the head and spine. Throughout the whole of their interaction with us, these ‘Sliders’ repeatedly returned to the curtains, and the ‘Spiritual Portal’ by the mirror – presumably for a sort of ‘recharge’ of their energies. When we first felt their ‘hands’, there seemed to be a constant ‘rippling’ under the surface of the ‘skin’. ‘Shariness’ later told us that these ‘Sliders’ had originally been a pure amphibian race, but their kind now had a ‘choice’.

On April 20th, we again had solid teleported ‘Stellar Friends’ with us. This group (we were told) had just three fingers. They touched us inquisitively in an exploratory way – just as we were ourselves discovering much about them. We were – of course – allowed to touch them back. ‘Shariness’ explained that they had split tongues, and that the sounds they made were outside the scope of human hearing. Additionally, part of their cranial cavities were also used for the production of sounds. We were then told the name of their natural habitat – as well as ‘Shariness was able to pronounce it – but I could not even begin to reproduce that name here!!!

Before writing this particular article, I was in something of a quandary to decide whether I should include our personal experiences with teleported solid beings from ‘Other Dimensions’ or not. My above descriptions might well sound quite ‘bizarre’ to most of you but – it was real!! It is the truth!! and it DID happen in reality whilst we were involved in the ‘Scole Experiment’, which is why I did decide to include it, I am sure that if our work at Scole had continued, many more solid and important links would have been forged between us – mankind – and the ‘Other Dimensions’, bringing vital knowledge to this Earth!!

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