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Article Number 11
Article number 10 (Part 2) – Totally Solid and Partially Solid Spirits Amongst Us

From very early on during the Scole Experiment, we were aware of the presence of Solid and Partially Solid Spirit Visitors in the room with us during experimental sessions. It was as far back as the sitting on Monday December 27th 1993 that we were first told by our Spirit Team member ‘Raji’ that at this séance, the team had completed the building of a ‘Spiritual Doorway’ or ‘Portal’ on our central table – and that it would be through this ‘Doorway’ that Spirit Personalities would pass, so that they could manifest partially and fully in our midst. At the very next sitting – on January 3rd 1994 – we clearly heard an animated spirit person walk across the floor; pull up a spare chair behind ours, and sit on it! We were later told that this person was ‘Edward’, the newest member of our Spirit Team.

The occasional touch by solid Spirit Hands became a regular thing, and – on March 28th 1994 – two of our lady sitters felt the definite lowering of two fully animated hands onto their shoulders simultaneously, proving that there were at least two partially or totally Solid Spirit Visitors with us in the room at that time. The further development of this aspect of our phenomena continued to go forward in leaps and bounds as each week and month passed. At this early stage, the physical interaction between the solid teleported Spirit Visitors and ourselves (members of the Scole Experimental Group) took place in total darkness during our sittings, but there could be no doubt whatsoever as to the reality that there were Solid and Partially Solid Spirit personalities moving about the room in a normal and natural manner as they went about their work with the group. We could hear them all the time walking about the floor and moving chairs from time to time to sit down amongst us.

It is utterly impossible in an article such as this to convey to the reader the uplifting sense of love; emotion and excitement that was engendered by the constant presence of Solid and Partially Solid Spirit Friends in the room with us during our sittings. There is not nearly enough room in these short articles to report every instance of physical interaction we experienced with our loving Spirit Team and Spirit Visitors, but I will try to give a number of examples to show how the development proceeded during the Scole Experiment when Fully Solid or Partially Solid Spirit Friends and Beings from Other Dimensions walked amongst us.

On Monday April 11th, ‘Patrick’ explained that there were actually two solid and teleported Spirit ‘Volunteers’ with us. All the Group Members were touched by spirit hands on a number of occasions as our friends moved amongst us – noisily manipulating and moving spare chairs about as they came and went. We were told that these two ‘Volunteers’ were constantly coming and going from the room via the spiritual ‘Portal’ in order to practice their ‘entrances’ and ‘exits’ so they could achieve this manoeuvre normally and naturally during future sittings. At first they were having a little difficulty in perfecting the technique, but much progress was made by them during the course of the session.

Later in the sitting, we were told that Spirit Children found it easier than adult Spirits to slip in and out of the room during sittings – as they could do it naturally. Indeed – during this very session – we heard several of them in the room at any one time as they walked around; even jumping on the floor when they became excited. Occasionally, there was a real ‘Racket’ as hands were clapped and kisses were blown to us. We asked the Spirit Children to leave their names for us on the pad and pen we had placed in the room for that purpose and – after the sitting – we discovered that no less than six of them had ‘signed in’ on the pad, plus a small drawing of a heart!! We had the names ‘John’, ‘David’, ‘Margaret’ and ‘Mel’, plus the initials ‘J.T.’ and ‘W.W.’ All of these were in different handwriting.

Close to the end of the session, another solid Spirit Person walked around the group slowly. Not only could we hear quite clearly his footsteps as he moved amongst us, but we could also hear the creaking of his shoe leather!! This Spirit Being spoke to us in a voice which was quite clearly from his own teleported body – totally independent of the two mediums, who remained in deep trance throughout. There was a typical Chinese lilt to this male voice, and he explained that his name was ‘Hoo’. This powerful Spirit personality, who was one of the principal Guides of one of our mediums, touched a couple of sitters as he moved round the group – before stopping right in front of Sandra. He leaned right over her as he took her hand and then (whilst lifting it up) quietly told her “You will see me soon!”

At this stage of the development at Scole, the presence of solid and partially solid spirit personalities continued to grow steadily from week to week. On 18th April 1994, all of us were touched several times on our arms, legs and shoulders by fully animated and solid hands and fingers. For a while, the surface of the table was illuminated by a Spirit Light, clearly showing two small children’s fingers, each complete with fingernails – on different sides of the table, showing that at least two separate spirit children were there with us at the same time. Simultaneously, a full sized male head and face rose slowly into the air (right up to the ceiling) in front of us. Likewise – on April 25th, the solid Spirit Children were once again with us, and delighted in frolicking around the room; touching each of us several times with their small fingers and generally making noisy pandemonium in the room.

This, apparently, was to distract us – the sitters – from noting the presence of three sturdy adult spirit visitors, who had actually pulled up three spare chairs, and were quietly sitting on them for over half an hour (as we were later told) without us knowing. One of these solid Spirit Visitors sat by the door, whilst the other two were sitting behind the circle. All three had been quietly familiarising themselves with the process of teleportation that our Spirit Team used, and working on the stabilisation of the resultant high-density Spirit Bodies on a sustained basis for future reference and closer control of the phenomena.

This quiet presence of solid Spirit Visitors became a regular event from then onwards. On June 6th, we heard the sound of outer chairs being moved into place just outside our circle, and this time – it transpired that no less than five very solid Spirit Volunteers had been sitting with us for most of the session. This was repeated on June 20th and – when Raji was speaking – we were poked in the back by the solid (but slender and maybe grubby!!) fingers of his assistant (Small Boy) to let us all know he was there!!! At almost every session, we were very much aware of the Solid and Partially Solid Spirit Visitors who were regularly walking and sitting amongst us The sound of constant footsteps and chairs being manipulated within the group spoke for itself.

By October 1994, members of our Spirit Team who were walking amongst us had started to manipulate both objects and items of equipment in the room. Electric points were turned on and off at the wall; on October 3rd the cassette tape player (which played the background music during our sessions and sat on a ‘tea trolley’ just to my right – was turned off in the middle of a piece of music (by using the ‘stop’ button on the player itself) by a solid spirit personality to provide the ‘quiet moment’ needed for the ‘Team’ to concentrate on making the Spirit Lights brighter. The ‘Team’ went on to achieve their objective, with the lights becoming very bright, so that we were treated to the occasional tantalising view of a part of a Spirit Person’s Body.

On October 18th, we were again privileged to have more visits by our friends in Solid Form. Patrick informed us of the fact that many solid Spirit Visitors who were able to do so were now coming and going regularly during our sittings – sitting on real, physical chairs whilst they were with us. He told us that the purpose of their visits in solid form was to eventually ‘pave the way’ for others (such as our own personal spirit helpers and loved ones) to later follow in their footsteps and make themselves known to us in a physical way. Patrick went on to explain that these teleported visitors were not being allowed at that stage to speak to us; that would come later. This was a prediction that came true in dramatic fashion!!!

This format continued over several weeks and months afterwards. To describe every occasion that these solid and partially solid Spirit Visitors were with us – and amongst us – during the ‘Scole Experiment’ would appear to be too repetitive, and could require an entire book!!! But some sessions were outstanding, and I will attempt to cover a few of these during this short article. What did become evident to us whilst the teleported Spirit Personalities were with us in the room was that on each occasion one of these solid Spirit Friends was physically very close to any of us – we experienced a medium to strong Psychic Breeze to indicate that close presence. To prove the reality of such psychic breezes, we borrowed an air-flow meter from a Government Scientist (this gave very accurate readings), which gave positive results each time a psychic breeze was experienced.

On April 7th 1995 – in addition to the movements around the room which we heard, the thumb and fingers of a number of obviously solid hands were clicked loudly on several occasions, and a number of the Spirit Friends present also clapped their hands to demonstrate their solidity. Whilst Sandra was sitting on the bottom part of a heavy jumper, it was strongly tugged out from under her. A newer phase started during the sitting of April 14th. The Spirit Team was in the midst of experimenting with different coloured spirit lights, and the central glass dome had been illuminated with a greenish Spirit Light within for over an hour – giving the effect of acting as a ‘Spiritual Lightbulb’. We had the opportunity to see the indistinct forms of two solid Spirit People as they moved around the room to sit down and familiarise themselves with the conditions within the ‘Scolehole’ (our nickname for the cellar where we held our sessions).

A week later things began to happen very quickly, and it was soon obvious that teleported Spirit People were present with us and constantly walking around the room. Their movements were clearly audible to us all. Although the spirit lights were absent on this occasion (apparently so the energies could be concentrated on bringing teleported ‘Visitors’), we were told that there were no less than four solid spirit people there. Sitters were by spirit hands; followed by loud clapping that continued for some time. To begin with, the claps were light and childlike, followed by clapping from different directions at the same time – by heavier and mature adult hands. This was a precursor to finger clicking and the stamping of heavy feet. Spirit Team member ‘William’ explained that of the four Spirit ‘Volunteers’ who were present, one – a lady – was standing behind ken and Bernette. Another – a gentleman – was standing beside me. A third – young person – was occupying one of the corners, whilst a fourth and final visitor – who was very young – was sitting on the table.

William was confident that we would be able to see the Spirit Visitors very soon, but qualified this by saying that the Spirit personalities we did see would not be able to speak to us initially. That would require more work and development to achieve. When the lights went on at the end of the session, we discovered that there was a chair actually on the table!! This feat had been achieved in total silence!! It had never really occurred to us that the Spirit Child might in reality be sitting on a chair on the table!! Not only that, but the chair itself was neatly astride the fragile glass dome which – in itself – had not been disturbed or broken!!
Such a manoeuvre – in total silence and total darkness – would have been quite impossible for any living person to have achieved!!

On May 1st 1995, the Spirit Team were experimenting heavily with red Spirit Lighting, by using a source of red spirit light within the central glass dome. As the intensity of the light grew and receded, we were first able to clearly see a finger – and then a complete Spirit Hand in the re light as it shone on the table. This happened several times, and we then additionally saw the fully mobile and animated complete arm of the Spirit friend who was with us. Interestingly – on that occasion – that is ALL that we saw because the solid body of the Spirit Person ended AT THE TOP OF THE ARM!! Our Spirit Friend even picked up one of the red Spirit Lights in his hand and carried it about the table (with palm both upwards and downwards) in order to display his hand closely to us. On inspection, the hand and arm was quite normal – apart from a lack of the rest of a body, it could have belonged to any living person.

I had my 35mm Canon A1 camera with me at this session, and was able to get some excellent shots of several of the red lights – particularly when the light source within the dome was behaving like a lighthouse, with a rotating red beam. In fact one of these photos forms the basis of the cover of my book ‘In Pursuit of Physical Mediumship’. During the sitting, whilst snapping the red lights, I also managed to capture the facial area of a Spirit Person sitting on a chair close to the table, but bending his head forwards in order for us to see it.

On May 10th, there was once again a profusion of red Spirit Lighting. One of the Spirit Visitors we now knew as ‘Sidney’ made a great effort to show himself in the illumination. He showed us his hand and arm several times, then picked up a red Spirit Light and took is back to his seat within the circle. This light pulsated a few times, then grew very intense, so that he was able to clearly show us various parts of his solid body. We briefly saw his legs, arms – and even a good view of his face. Once again I was taking pictures with my camera during the sitting. These included a blurry image of ‘Sidney’s’ face.

At the end of May in 1995, we had a session where the Spirit Team were experimenting with Spirit Lights of a greenish hue. The glass dome remained lit by this greenish spirit light like a giant light bulb for a long time. It was much easier to see our Spirit Visitors in this light. In fact the illumination seemed to be so bright that we could clearly see one another sitting there at one point. Finally, we were also able to see the form of one of our Spirit Visitors as he sat with us in the group and rocked backwards and forwards. The area of his face, arms and hands was lighter than the surrounding area, though the outline of his animated figure was still hazy around the edges.

Our Spirit Scientist William told us that the figure was – at that time – only about 70% with us, which was causing the slightly blurred effect around the outline. This situation should improve as the further development of the phenomena took place. There were a series of noises made by our Spirit Friend once we were back in the darkness to illustrate the fact that he was by now quite solid. To top it all, he managed to get a few words through to us in his own voice, saying things such as “Hello – it’s me!!”, “Thank You” and other simple expressions.

The physical presence of teleported Spirit Visitors continued apace, and my space in this article is limited. I do, however, want to relate one particular instance that I will remember for the whole of my life. The day before my 53rd birthday, on September 9th 1996 – I received a special present! There were just four of us there at that session (the ‘core’ members of the Scole Experimental Group). The phenomena at this sitting took a long time to build up. This was partially due to the fact that our guests at our previous session had exchanged angry words beforehand – just before the session. However, once the phenomena did get going, we were aware of a number of teleported Spirit Visitors moving around the room.

Sandra was touched first – and many times – on her back, face, hands, head and neck. I was touched on the back and was aware of the closeness of two Spirit Personalities just behind me. Emily then told me that I had my Mother – Constance – to my right, and my Dad – Hugh – to my left, with a female relative called ‘Fred’ behind me (my sister). This was fantastic evidence given by Emily!! Neither of the mediums had the slightest knowledge of both my parents’ correct names, or of the fact that my own deceased sister – named ‘Frederica’ in the Spirit World – had been nicknamed ‘Fred’ for short!! At that session, I was able to hug; speak to and interact physically with my family; all of them as warm and solid as I was myself!!! Matters were mentioned between us of which only I knew personally

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