Gilbert Sanctuary

Reports and testimonials

Bill Meadows séance Gilbert Sanctuary Portsmouth May 25th 2012
TONY ASHENDEN President of the JCPF Joseph Carey Psychic Foundation

At first sight one has to wonder how Bill Meadows does this! A shy retiring man of elder years, hardly a tower of physical strength! Under the capable direction of his wife Coleen we had a most memorable evening. The usual check of the medium took place at the start of the séance and with Bill’s hands and feet secured to the chair by plastic ties within minutes a luminous lit plaque was lifted from the floor, spun and deposited on the lap of Su, the leader of Gilbert Sanctuary –and on the plaque was a chain and pendant! Marie, Bill’s young control was speaking –there is no mistaking her feminine voice, greeting sitters. We had displays of moving trumpets, dancing in the air to the sound of music we played and every now and then at Marie’s insistence a sitter was asked to pull back the cabinet curtains to view the unconscious form of Bill still sitting secured to his chair. A red light was used on a number of occasions so the moving plaque and the trumpets could be seen with the naked eye hovering in the air. We had some problems with the music machine that required some sorting out and more red light –but amazingly this did not affect the energies generated in the séance room. Sitters were invited to stand in front of the cabinet and partly enveloped by the curtains felt hands touching them –a moving experience. Jonathon, a young Londoner man who worked in Covent Garden on this side of life, also spoke and conducted phenomena, as did a Father James –both distinctly different in character and voice to the medium. At one point the trumpets were place under direction at the furthest point from the cabinet, some 10 feet away and then lifted and moved about at a frenetic speed about sitters heads. A drum was played by hands and also by drumsticks that were left on the floor. A harmonica tune was beautifully sounded and on one occasion at the same time a pipe was being played. Soft balls were thrown around. And perhaps most impressively materialised hands appeared from underneath the skirt of the cabinet curtain –these being seen in full red light. Not content to do this, sitters were invited to approach the cabinet and shake hands! And finally at the close when the lights were again put up the medium in his chair was seen to have been moved from the cabinet some three feet into the sitting area of the séance.

Talking with Bill afterwards, who recovered from his trance extremely well, I was struck by his modesty and simplicity of approach to what must be regarded as a demonstration of evidential mediumship of the highest quality