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Chris Howarth Halloween seance Gilbert Sanctuary Portsmouth.October 12th 2012

Great Halloween Seance of PHYSICAL MEDIUMSHIP and associated phenomena at Gilbert Sanctuary Portsmouth October 12th 2012.
We invited on the 12th October again Maggie Hahn who returns to USA on Monday 15th October to continue to clear her grandmas name …as in our HELEN DUNCAN. We were also privileged to welcome two Turkish guests ESI AND TULIN…Tulin being in the media with a filming remit….good for her to evidence a physical mediumship séance for the first time whatever her objective view may have been,IT IS A HUGE PRIVELEDGE TO BE INVITED TO WORK WITH SPIRIT IN THIS WAY…..TO HAVE A MEDIUM WILLING TO ACT AS THE VESSEL AND A SPIRIT TEAM WILLING AND LOVING ENOUGH TO BOTHER TO CAME AND TALK TO US AT ALL….Blessings go out to them….…

Thanks to Chris Howarth sitters and visiting Turkish friends.Great deep Trance and the highlight in the Transfiguration being ESI our turkish friend, seeing most clearly her father in spirit. Evidence that is the whole purpose of this rare and fascinating form of mediumship…to heal grieving minds and souls….White feather opens and closes the hallowed seance….
Les Dawson, Quentin Crisp, Winston C, and Louis A, were amongst several who conversed with us…Extreme temperature changes,on spirits own thermostat, headed a multitude of phenomena. And LOUIS engaging in dance with one of the sitters..So many spirit walking amongst usThanks again for the opportunity to promote this rare and under promoted form of mediumship, to those that have never sat in a physical seance!!, it is on its return even more, in its splendour and objective evidential base. for sure………….OBJECTIVE MEDIUMSHIP!!

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